Here in Australia we have some of the most interesting, unique and downright cute animals that can’t be found in other parts of the world. If you’ve never seen a platypus close up or felt the spiky quill of an echidna, then now is the time to do it. Hit the road in your own state and have a wildlife encounter.

Little Penguins:

The Little Penguins are the only penguins in the world to have blue and white feathers, instead of black and white. They’re a mere 33cm in height when fully grown and weigh about one kilogram. Most of their time is spent at sea, hunting for fish, but they return every night to their burrows at Phillip Island in Victoria. As night falls, they start to pop out of the surf and onto the beach. They are truly delightful to watch as they waddle up the sand dunes. Visitors can follow on the boardwalks (quietly) as the penguins squeak and bray, then settle into their nests, safe from predators for the night. Don’t miss out on this experience. Book in for our Phillip Island Penguin Parade Tour now.


In Victoria’s Otway Forest you can see the egg laying mammals that you read about in picture books. Take a pleasant walk through the forest to Lake Elizabeth for the unique opportunity to observe these animals in their natural habitats. When you watch them glide through the water you will be amazed at their speed and agility. There’s a 95% success rate for sightings on the Platypus Two Day Ocean Road Tour.

Birds of Prey

The Spirits of the Sky show at Healesville sanctuary is a spectacular display of the skills of some of Australia’s majestic hunting birds. Feel the whoosh of air as the wedge-tailed eagle swoops past to collect a treat from its handler. Marvel as the black-breasted buzzard and the magnificent parrots come at the keeper’s call and perform for the crowd.Our Healesville Sanctuary Wildlife Tour includes access to the whole zoo and you will have hours to enjoy the native bushland habitats and see the wombats, emus, kangaroos and koalas. You can book in for a close up encounter with dingoes, platypus, koalas, kangaroos and, if you’re very brave, with a python.

Crocodiles, lizards and snakes

The last place you want to encounter a crocodile is in the wild but at a Wildlife Park the environment is controlled so you can stay safe. See the crocodiles’ jaws snapping hard as their keepers feed them meat, book a snake encounter and have a scaly ‘friend’ curl around your body or get up close and personal with a wombat. Our Ballarat Wildlife Park Tour offers time to wander through the park where kangaroos are free roaming.

Southern Right Whales

At Logan’s Beach in Warrnambool the winter whale trail begins. Follow along the coast through Port Fairy and on to Portland and you are very likely to spot the Southern Right whales as they nurture their young before they head for Antarctica. This is known as the whale corridor and is the only place in the world where whales breed this close to the shore. We can customise a tour for you

Kangaroos, Koalas, Cockatoos, Rosellas and Galahs

Both the Ultimate Great Ocean Road tour and the Adventure Sunset Great Ocean Road tour give incredible opportunities to see native wildlife. The iconic road is bordered by bushland where native animals make their homes. Look up into the trees and you will see koalas, look out across the fields and you are sure to see kangaroos bounding through paddocks or up along beaches, especially at sundown. Watch as a wombat snuffles around a campsite or wanders across a road. Cockatoos, galahs, parrots and rosellas are only some of the bird species that populate trees and roadsides wherever you travel around Victoria.

Let us take you Around and About on an amazing Australian animal adventure.

Do you have a favourite Australian native animal?

Let us know some of your favourite places to see native creatures.

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